Vitamin D 4000 IU | 365 Softgel Capsules NOT Tablets

Vitamin D 4000 IU | 365 Softgel Capsules NOT Tablets

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Why Take a Vitamin D3 Supplement?

Often called the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is a vitally important vitamin our body needs to remain healthy. Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, teeth, muscle function and the normal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin D also contributes to the normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus.Why buy Nu U Vitamin D3 Ultra Strength Softgels?X4 STRENGTH VITAMIN D3 – Our 4000 IU Vitamin D3 softgels are 4 TIMES STRONGER than most average D3 supplements, giving you a maximum strength supplement at the same cost.EASY TO TAKE – Our small softgel capsules are packed with high strength D3 meaning you need to take less capsules than weaker varieties for the same effect.1 YEAR SUPPLY – Amazing value, with one order you have all your vitamin D3 needs covered for a full 12 months!UK PRODUCED – Produced to the highest manufacturing standards in the world in GMP facilities. Our whole process is in the UK from making the supplement to bottling it, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No questions asked, feel better or your money back.


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  • ✔ QUADRUPLE STRENGTH D3 – Our ultra strength Vitamin D3 4000 IU supplement is one of the most powerful formulations available. Offering FOUR TIMES the strength of regular vit d products which typically only offer 1000 IU per softgel meaning you would need to take 4 to achieve the same dosage. Our one a day, small softgels are easy to swallow and offer a convenient way to take vitamin D3.
  • ✔ 12 MONTH’S SUPPLY – We offer an incredible 365 softgels per bottle. UNBEATABLE VALUE keeping you replenished with Vitamin D for a FULL YEAR. You won’t have to worry about running out or reordering until next year with our 52 week supply. Our softgels are GMO free, as well as free of gluten, wheat and dairy by products.
  • ✔ D3 WITHOUT THE SUN – Sunlight is the most common source of Vitamin D but most people don’t get enough exposure to it to remain healthy. Our Vitamin D3 from cholecalciferol is the same form of Vit D your skin cells produce naturally when exposed to sun. Vitamin D3 is vital to our bodies and contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, teeth, muscle function as well as the normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus.
  • ✔ TOTAL PEACE OF MIND WITH OUR UK MADE PRODUCT – All our products are made in the UK to current GMP standards. We ensure all our products meet stringent UK/EU legislation to maintain a high level of health and safety standards. We provide a genuine quality assurance which is fully supported by our 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.
  • ✔ WE CARE – At Nu U Nutrition we are dedicated to not only providing you with premium nutritional supplements derived from the purest sourced ingredients, but we are also committed to providing YOU with the highest level of customer service possible. We are mindful to ensure all of our products are ethically sourced and that we donate a proportion of each sale to charitable causes.


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