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    TRU NIAGEN - Vitamin B3

    TRU NIAGEN – Vitamin B3

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    • MAKE MORE NAD: Our bodies need NAD whenever we heal, eat, drink, sleep, and breathe. TRU NIAGEN restores your body’s natural balance of NAD every time you take it.
    • LONG LASTING RESULTS: We never stop needing NAD. So the longer we live, the more NAD we’ve used. TRU NIAGEN replenishes your body’s natural supply of NAD, with more benefits than both NAM (nicotinamide / niacinamide) and Niacin, plus no negative side effects.
    • AN EASY ROUTINE: Our lightweight, easy-to-swallow capsules are a simple addition to your health routine. Take 2 capsules, every morning at the same time with a glass of water.